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Dehumidifier (Desiccant / Refrigerant) :

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DUEX® dehumidifiers are fully self-contained, packaged units which incorporate an air circulation fan and an R-22 (Optional: totally CFC free) refrigeration circuit. The fan draws room air into the machine passing it firstly across a refrigerated heat exchanger (evaporator). This cools the air, causing the moisture in the air-stream to be precipitated onto the evaporator as water.

This Desiccant dehumidifier has all the features you would expect from a much larger model and all the maneuverability you would expect from a small model.


The revolutionary new technology of DUEX DRIMOP® rotor is specifically designed to maximize moisture removal and achieving desired RH in Room Moisture from the return air is first dried by the evaporator coil and then is further dehumidified as it passes through the Comfort Wheel. The moisture-laden wheel then rotates into the outdoor air stream where the waste heat from the condenser coil heats the outdoor air so that it dries the wheel and discharges the unwanted excess moisture outdoors.

Unique Features of the dehumidifier :

1) Desiccant Based System -
This is a combined desiccant with DX dehumidification. It is a highly efficient unit because it utilizes the waste heat from the condenser coil to regenerate the desiccant rotor providing further dehumidification. The unit has the ability to remove moisture efficiently. In addition, the unit does not increase the temperature of the supply air- it actually provides A/C tonnage.

2) Whole Room Dehumidifier -
This is typically installed in the room with its own separate return and supply. It can also tie into the existing air handling system and distribute dry air throughout the ductwork.

3) Simple Design-
This is a relatively simple piece of equipment. It consists of two blower fans, a rotating desiccant wheel, and a compressor with an evaporator and condenser. Periodic filter changes typical of any HVAC equipment is all that is required for maintenance. The “heart” of the unit, the desiccant wheel, should never need changing and will not lose its capacity over time and is designed to last the life of the equipment. The desiccant wheel carries a 5 year limited warranty (a 1 year limited warranty is offered on the rest of the equipment).

4) Simple Installation -
The unit is a self contained packaged unit. A return air line is connected to the unit and a supply line is branched to 2 or 3 registers throughout the room as per requirement through duct. Outdoor air is ducted to the unit through ducts to provide the regeneration air and exhaust air. The unit can also tie into the existing air handling system- it does need a separate return and a gravity flow damper on the supply to prevent back draft. For commercial installations, an outdoor unit is available if required.

5) High Moisture Capacity -
This unit is capable of controlling the humidity in a typical room / hall.

This is typically installed with its own return air and supply ducts. The supply air duct is branched to two or three supply air ducts servicing main rooms.

FLP versions available with certification

GMP versions available with DQ-IQ-PQ-OQ documentation

Features :

  • <1% RH control at 5-50 deg C
  • Impregnated Desiccant high performance rotor
  • PLC based programming and control
  • 24 X 7 operations
  • HITACHI / Copeland compressor
  • Digital %RH bright display
  • Efficient design with Dew Point 10, 6, -5, -40, -80 deg C
  • Auto defrost
  • Imported float Single soft key control
  • Inbuilt compressor protection for long life
  • Inbuilt MCB overload protection
  • Bi-color powder coated
  • SS 304 / 316 buffed and polished enclosure
  • Auto overflow protection
  • Portable on wheels
  • 20 ltr water tank

Frequently Asked Question....

Q - Will dehumidifier work in a cold room?

A - A dehumidifier will not operate satisfactory in a room that is below 18 degrees C. At this temperature it will become necessary to operate the dehumidifying coil below freezing temperatures in order to reduce the relative humidity to a reasonable value. Frost on coils usually will appear.

Q - My unit is not operating at all, help.

A - Unit may be unplugged. House fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped. Check the bucket, it may be full, empty it. Float not inside the bucket properly, adjust the float so it hangs in the bucket properly.

Q - Frost building up on coils.

A - Is the air temperature to cold, below 18 deg C? Dirty coils can affect the air-flow over the coils; unit may need to be steam washed. Poor air-flow from a slow fan can also allow the coils to frost up.

Q - My unit does not seem to remove much moisture.

A - Poor air-flow from a slow fan or the fan motor may have stop completely. Dirty coils, may need to be steam cleaned. Unit too close to the wall giving poor air-flow. Dehumidifiers have a compressor in side; it may not be running due to a bad start relay or a bad compressor or faulty float switch.

Q - Dehumidifier is making a squealing noise.

A - This often is a bad fan motor. It will need to be replaced.

Q - Dehumidifier is not collecting water and seems to be making a clicking on and off noise.

A - Often a clicking on and off noise is the compressor trying to start but cannot. Often this can be as minor as a bad start relay or as major as a bad compressor itself.

Q - Dehumidifier is not collecting water.

A - If the fan is operating ok, some models have a frost guard switch (round device attached to the evaporator coils). If this frost guard opens circuit it will stop the compressor from running at all. A ohm meter can be used to test the frost guard switch.

Selection Guide Dehumidifier :

Portable Dehumidifier ( FLP / Non-FLP/ GMP versions available )

Model: Dew Point

Technology: AERO

Type: Refrigerant based

Orientation: Vertical

Industrial model: DPS/G FLP C/E

Flameproof model: DPS/G FLP C/E

DUEX design achieves upto 30% RH ( under controlled conditions )

Please find attached Selection Guide for selecting Dehumidifier model. Please note that this is just a gestimate and final selection depends on number of persons in room, humidity required, door openings per hour etc.

X = S/G
Max Area Covered 0% RH Setting Air Flow Water
(30 C90%RH)
Water Tank
Overall Dimension (LXWXH) Power Supply Power Wt
SFT CMH Ltr Per Day
( CC / hr )
( Elite )
MM V~ Watts Kg
DPX 3600
(ND 290)
150 HI - LO - MED 150 14 (583) 140X120X160 340X415X740 240V~
1 ph
250 29
DPX 6000
(ND 318)
250 33-99 180 30 (1250) 160X100X125 375X415X800 240V~
1 ph
350 55
DPX 8000
(ND 390-i)
350 30-99 220 40 (1666) 160X100X125 440X550X905 240V~
1 ph
500 71
DPXB 12000
(DH 504)
500 30-99 480 60 (2500) 305X215X1135 480X550X1980 240V~
1 ph
750 79
DPXB 18000
(DH 702)
750 30-99 850 75 (3124) 305X215X1135 635X605X1195 240V~
1 ph
1000 102
DPXB 24000
(DH 902)
1000 30-99 1100 99 (4124) 305X215X1135 635X605X1170 240V~
1 ph
1500 124
DPXB 36000 1500 30-99 1700 158 (6583) No
[ Hose
provided ]
635X605X1170 415V~
3 ph
2500 1500
DPXB 48000 2000 30-99 2200 198 (8249) 635X605X1170 415V~
3 ph
3500 -
DPXB 60000 3000 30-99 3000 260 (10833) 700X600X12000 415V~
3 ph
5000 -
DPXB 96000 - 30-99 - 20 Ltr / Hr 700X600X12000 415V~
3 ph
5000 -
DPXB 144000 - 30-99 - 30 Ltr / Hr 700X600X12000 415V~
3 ph
10000 -
X in model denotes S= Standard G= GMP; B= High Static
  • DUEX dehumidifiers are designed with higher air changes (2.5-3)
  • Selection criterion: Pl select DPX model as per volume of room to be covered
  • Nominal 10ft height is considered
  • Nitin Thakur- Proprietor [09324082483] / P: 32688683
  • Clientele: Wockhardt, Cipla, Dabur, IIT, Nicholas Piramal, Bank of India to name few leading ones