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Power consumption- 0.5 HP max 1ph 240 VAC

Our ULTRA HIGH PRESSURE FOG SYSTEM uses 1200 PSI as the operating pressure and generates water droplets in the 10 microns and less. The efficiency of the system is close to 96%.

The general details of the system are:

  • High Pressure Pump (1200 PSI)
  • Motor 220 V AC, 50 cycle, Single phase
  • Nozzle Tees (Brass body)
  • Nozzles, Brass body and SS insert
  • High Pressure Polyflex Pipe

Water Requirement: Water should be of good quality with low PH and TDS. Ideal water is DM water. Potable drinking water is the workable option. Once we get a raw water analysis of the water we would be able to suggest a suitable water treatment systems also. Electrical Requirement: 220 V, Single phase, 50 cycle.

Your Scope: A 1/2" water line & plumbing, electrical connection with Motor Starter and a support line for the installation of the nozzle manifold is under your scope.